Managed Database

Proactive Database Management Services

As business grows, so does the complexity of the entire IT infrastructure. System failure could be catastrophic. Take the pain out of database management.  Compnet Managed Database Services provide proactive management, monitoring and support for mission-critical databases. Our team of professionals help ensure business continuity and database peak performance.

Managed Database Services eliminate performance bottlenecks (up to 7x the performance) and shorten process transaction times.

Our clients are reducing time spent optimizing the database by leveraging our next-generation solutions and migrating to flash-based or in-memory solutions.  

Service Flexibility

Experience the flexibility of our Managed Cloud with Managed Database Services. Our team of certified engineers provides tailored database solutions, including: patching, refreshing, monitoring, and backup of your systems, allowing internal teams to focus on driving business innovation.

We have deep expertise and deliver unparalleled support in the following databases:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • Progress